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Microcurrent Therapy is a modality used since the 1940's as a physical therapy treatment. It is an FDA approved safe and effective method of treatment. Microcurrent works with every tissue and organ's individual electromagnetic frequency. When cells are injured or diseased, the vibrational frequencies of their electrons are disrupted. Microcurrent therapy restores the natural vibration using specific frequencies for the area being treated. The results can often be seen quite rapidly.  Read below how athletes like Terrell Owens made microcurrent a critical part of their training and recovery regimen.

Microcurrent's Proven Mechanisms of Action:

  • Decreases cellular electrical resistance
  • Improves oxygenation and cellular repair
  • Reduces inflammatory chemicals in tissues
  • Increases feel-good endorphin levels
  • Aids in muscle recovery
  • Increases cell energy (ATP) levels by up to 500%
  • Boosts protein synthesis by 70%
  • Restores depleted adrenal function
  • Repairs the regulation of nervous tissue
  • Boosts immune function
  • Accelerates healing of acute injuries up to 200%

"As an internist, I have been taught that healing takes time and requires patience. In my 20 years in medicine, I have never experienced any treatment or therapy that provides relief and results as quickly as Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I have been amazed and pleased."              

- Robert Lerman, MD, PhD

"Although Terrell Owens was not on the winning team in the 2005 Super Bowl, his mere presence on the field running wide receiver patterns astounded his doctors who had predicted a long rehabilitation into the spring for the healing of his fractured ankle. FSM treatment made the difference."              

- Raphael J. D'Angelo, M.D.

“Anything that can be done with a drug can also be done with a frequency, without side effects.”                     

- Dr. James Oschman, 2009

Side Effects?

Microcurrent is completely safe and NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS have ever been reported.


  • Do not use if you are pregnant
  • Do not use if you have a pacemaker
  • Do not use over the brain, ears or eyes
  • Do not use with cancer, osteomyelitis, or infections